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The Walking Dead… Freak out at Universal Studios

Have you noticed that zombies are all the rage lately?  From 1968’s Night of the Living Dead to Brad Pitt’s World War Z—the undead have captured moviegoers’ imagination for decades.   You can now experience The Walking Dead phenomena at Universal Studios! Get ready to run for your life, while reenacting scenes from your favorite zombie TV show.

The Walking Dead at Universal Studio

The Walking Dead started out as a comic book series in 2003. The post-apocalyptic horror has since translated well to the small screen, debuting on Halloween night in 2010 on AMC. The show has die-hard fans that attend events and dress up like zombies.

All of the scary details: what you need to know about The Walking Dead extravaganza

With the huge success of The Walking Dead, Universal Studios created a live experience at Universal Studios. If you are a zombie fan, here’s all you need to know about the attraction and all its horrific glory.

  • This attraction is a year-round event.
  • It is pretty hard core! You run for your life, following the footsteps of those who have survived being chased by the undead.
  • Prices range from a day pass cost of $95-$115, to $359 for a VIP experience. There are also seasonal and annual passes ranging from $119 to $589.
  • The park opens at 8:00AM and closes at 10:00PM.

Walking Dead: Join the zombie fun in Hollywood

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